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Friday, April 6, 2007

Plant Hybridization

Natural variability present in land varieties are exhausted quickly when they are subjected to selection, gentle variability  should be introduced in a plant population for further improvement.

Hybridization is the crossing of two dissimilar genotypes. For getting multiple superiorities over the parents.

Three Major factors need to be considered for successful hybridization are:

  1. Prevention of Self Pollination in Female Parents
  2. Prevention of Pollination in Female parents by unidentified pollen grains
  3. Ensuring pollination in selected mate plants.
The Main objective of Hybridization are:
  • To create genetic variability
  • Transfer of adaptive characters
  • Utilization of hybrid vigour
Procedure for Hybridization:

After identifying the objectives, the breeder has to follow these steps to get  successful hybrid plant.
  1. Choice of Parents
  2. Evaluation of Parents
  3. Emasculation
  4. Bagging
  5. Tagging
  6. Pollination
  7. Harvesting and storing of F1 seeds
  8. Raising the F1 generation
  9. Selfing
  10. Selection

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