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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Environmental Pollution

We may reduce environmental pollution for our well beings as they can causes serious threats and harmful health hazards not only to man but also to all organism living in this environment. So we should take proper control measures to reduce the pollution of Air, Water and Noise. If not it will lead to serious problems to all organisms in future.

How can we reduce Air Pollution

Ø New engine systems for automobiles should be designed for reduced emission of polluting gases.

Ø Increasing the heights of chimneys of factories may help to reduce air pollution.

Ø More and More trees are to planned as they can absorb most of CO2 .

How can we reduce Noise pollution

Ø Air horns should be banned near thickly populated areas, Hospitals and Schools.

Ø Ear protective devices such as ear plugs should be supplied to those working in noisy factories.
Ø Avoid Loud Speakers in public places.

Ø Low sound crackers should be used in festivals.

How can we reduce Water Pollution

Ø Proper treatment should be given to the Sewage before dumping off.

Ø Use of Fertilizers and Pesticides should have to be minimized.

Ø Non-biodegradable soaps and detergents should be banned.

Noise Pollution

The Major Causes for Noise Pollution are :

ØAutomobiles : Horns and alarms from automobiles and Industries produces loud Noises which is harmful to health.

ØMachineries : Wear and Tear of Machineries produce Loud and unpleasant Noise, causes hearing problems

ØCrackers & Loud Speakers : Nowadays Crackers are part of Festivals which produces sounds more than 90 db which is not good for health, Loud Speakers used in general meetings makes loud Noise may even cause mental distractions.

Air Pollution

The Major Causes for Air Pollution are :

ØAutomobiles : Burning of fossil fuels produce Carbon Oxides such as CO2, CO [ Green House Gases ] causes depletion of Ozone layer.

ØIndustries : Most of the Industries are releasing huge amount gases causes pollution, some of the gases are even poisonous.

ØCoal Mines : Coal Mining and burning of which produces large quantity of green house gases causes depletion of ozone layer.

Water Pollution

The Major Causes for Water Pollution are :
Ø Sewage Disposal : Contains wastes from community including human excreta causes foul Odour, imparts Colour and induces Turbidity.
Ø Dumping Industrial Wastes and Other Organic materials : Causes depletion of Dissolve Oxygen results in the death of aquatic organisms
Ø Soaps, Detergents and Pesticides : May cause acute problems on aquatic organisms and drinking of which is harmful to Health