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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cancer: Tumor and its genes, Causes, Treatment

Tumor is an abnormal mass of cells, which can be of Begnin type or Malignant Type.
Begnin Tumors are Loacalised to particular site while Malignant tumors can metastasize(Can Spread to different parts of the body).
Tumor is classified based on the site it occurs..

, etc

The genes responsible of tumor development are called as Oncogenes.The gene responsible for Breast cancer are BRCA I & II, for Retinoblastoma Rb, There are many factors involved in the Tumor development.

Tumor Cells

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There are Certain Factors which can pre-dispose to cancer some of them are

1. Tobacco Smoking, use of Gutkas,etc..
2. Increased alcohol Consumption can lead to cancer
3. Exposure to X-rays
4. Cosumtion of more animal fat


It depends on the size, stage and location of the Tumor

1. Chemotherapy : Chemical agents are used
Alkylating agents
Anticancer Antibiotics
Plant Alkaloids

2. Radiation Therapy: Radiation
3. Surgery

or combination of these

75% of the Anticancer drugs are sourced from Plants
Taxol - Taxus burgata
Vincristine and Vinblastin - VInca rosea