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Friday, March 1, 2013

FTA card for DNA Isolation and Storage

FTA Cards are small cards developed to cpature and store DNA from samples.FTA cards are developed by Whatman Ltd, a division of GE group.

FTA card

About FTA card

The FTA card contains certains chemicals that aids in the lysis of cells in the sample ,helps in denaturing proteins and protect nucleic acids from nucleases, oxidative, and UV damage.

Advantages and benefits of FTA card
  • Easy Capturing of nucleic acid in one step.
  • Captured nucleic acid is ready for downstream applications in less than 30 minutes
  • DNA collected on FTA Cards can be preserved for years at room temperature
  • FTA Cards are stored at room temperature before and after sample application, reducing the need for laboratory freezers.
  • Suitable for virtually any cell type.
  • Indicating FTA Cards change color upon sample application to facilitate handling of colorless samples
  • FTA Cards are available in a variety of configurations to meet application requirements

Capture nucleic acids in one easy step

Just apply your sample to the FTA Card. Cell membranes and organelles are lysed and the released nucleic acids are entrapped in the fibers of the matrix. The nucleic acids remain immobilized and are preserved for transport, immediate processing or long-term room temperature storage.

Since captured nucleic acids are preserved, FTA Cards facilitates sample collection from remote locations and transport to labs possible.

FTA cards are available in white and pink. The coloured FTA Cards (Pink) change from pink to white when sample is applied hence it is useful for virtually any tpe of sample:

Cultured cells
Buccal cells
Solid tissue


Captured nucleic acid is ready for downstream applications in less than 30 minutes
Captured nucleic acids are ready for purification when you are. Just take a punch from the FTA Card, wash with FTA Purification Reagent and rinse with TE-1 (10mM Tris-HCI, 0.1 mM EDTA, pH 8) buffer. DNA on the washed punch is ready to use in applications such as PCR, SNP analysis, and real-time PCR. Since PCR products remain in solution, the punch can be used for multiple amplifications.

Store nucleic acids at room temperature for years
Genomic DNA stored on FTA Cards at room temperature for over 17 years (and counting) has been successfully amplified by PCR. RNA, being chemically less stable than DNA, is best analyzed upon return of samples to the laboratory. Frozen storage is helpful for RNA preservation.