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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Automated Liquid Handling Systems

Liquid handling systems are instruments which helps in dispensing liquids to the specified locations. Automated liquid handling systems have robotic arm sensors which perfectly collect liquid and dispense it on the user specified location with precision. volume dispensed can be as low as to the level of nanolitres.

Automation has revolutionized and influenced the way scientists do research - maximizing accuracy, precision and throughput while minimizing time and consumable costs. However, the prevalent thought that automated systems are expensive, complicated, and space-consuming leave many scientists unwilling or unable to maximize the potential of their work.

There are many liquid handling systems are available in the market, each has got its own advantages and disadvantages.

Eppendorf's epmotion
epmotion, manufactured by eppendorf.


epMotion liquid handling system has various models like epMotion 5070, epMotion M5073, epMotion 5075 LH, epMotion 5075 TMX, etc.

epMotion 5075 Features
epMotion Liquid Handling system has the following characteristics
  • Automated Tool Exchange
  • 12 Decks or 12 work positions
  • Probe for sensing liquid level and the accessories
  • Ability to dispense small volumes.

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