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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Artificial Ear - An Ear Lab Grown...!!!!!!!!!

Scientists in US has developed human-like ear from animal tissue, it is one of the milestones in the tissue engineering.

The reports says that the lab grown ear has flexibility same as that of the real human ear.

Scientists believe that this technique will one day be useful for the people who are having deformed ears.

As published in the Journal of Royal Society Interface, scientists took tissues from cows and sheep and flexible wire frame which has 3D shape of real human ear. The cells were grown on a titanium wire scaffold that is modeled on the dimensions of a real human ear, taken from CT scans.

Scientists are expecting the process to be ready for clinical trials in next five years.

There are several advances in the field of tissue engineering, developing/ growing organs in lab for replacing the damaged ones.

It is still very early days for this field, but this study represents a step towards being able to engineer replacement outer ear tissue.


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