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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nanobodies - A new Therapeutic Approach

Nanobodies are type of antibodies derived from camels, smaller than the conventional antibodies. Nanobodies are also known as single domain antibodies.

Antibody Vs Nanobody

Problems Associated with use of Antibodies

Storage – Require Freezing temp.
Oral Administration – digested in gut
Cannot cross Blood-Brain Barrier
 MAb therapies need to be given by injection or infusion at a clinic.

Advantages of Nanobodies
Nanobodies are simpler,
Nanobodies are smaller which perform better,
Nanobodies are easier to make,
Nanobodies are easier to handle,
Nanobodies are easier to admister, and
Nanobodies are more affordable.

Applications of Nanobody

Therapeutical Uses:

Can be used for oral administration.
Oral nanobody pill for inflamatory gut disease and colon cancer.

Papers on Nanobody as Therapeutic Target

Nanobodies Targeting the Hepatocyte Growth Factor: Potential New Drugs for Molecular Cancer Therapy

Nanobodies as novel agents for disease diagnosis and therapy